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Rapid Application Development for DarkBasic.

Tools to cut drastically the development time.

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dbRADTools  Alpha Release  0.03

click here to download - 1.47 mb

Available First Quarter 2001


for dbRadTools

click here to download - 837 Kb - Can be used standalone

store all your favorite snippets in this program

DBHelper vs 0.11 - Features

New: Gradients command - MOD: PAN Settings

MP3 -> Load, Play, Stop, Free, Set volume, Fade, Playing event - Bass.dll interface.

MOD (XM/IT/MOD/S3M/MTM) -> Load, Play, Stop, Set volume, Fade, Playing event, Pan settings- Bass.dll interface.

JPEG -> Load/Save JPEGs.

ZIP -> Unzip (password protected inclusive) files, fire event when finished.

SYSTEM -> Get Windows,Temp,Current & System dirs, get serial number (drive C), Get online status with IP. Memory information.

WATCH -> Fire event when your DarkBasic project exit : call another app, show nag window, close...

AUDIOCD -> Play AudioCDs. Commands: Play, Stop, Pause, Resume. Verify: CD in the drive, isPlaying.

CAPTURE -> Capture Screen to disk, save screen to clipboard.

GRADIENTS -> Nice gradients effects for you.

Download it here. File size is 566 Kb - Freeware


Click here to download. Very usefull to build gradients. Save dba sources.

DBInterface Builder vs 0.1 - Features

Make clickable regions in your screen and save the source code for use this areas (based in a example posted on foruns by skillz). Features:

- Load background: load a background screen to easy place the zones.

- Load/Save projects: load/save interface projects.

- Zoom: zoom the screen to easy place the zones.

- Load background: load a background screen to easy place the zones.

- Export dba source: export source code for use in DarkBasic.

Download it here. File size is 449 Kb - Freeware


DBDatabase vs 0.1 - Features

dbDatabase Tools is a external (invisible) application to create and modify small databases compatible with dbaseIII. Good tool to store game data and other stuff All the functions can be controlled through DarkBasic.


Download it here. File size is 252 Kb - Freeware


DBEvents vs 0.1 - Features

dbEvents fires external events like sounds, timers, etc. It's good to plan a entire sound waves events outside DarkBasic and it's easy to use and maintain your sounds. Contains a Events Editor.

Commands: Only sound (wave) events in this release. You can set volume, sample rate and pan for each wave.

Download it here. File size is 840 Kb - Freeware

DBGraphicServer vs 0.1 - Features

dbGraphics Server is a external application for store in-game graphics. You can retrieve graphics from a "pak" file and apply special effects on-the-fly. You can rotate and rescale the graphics too. You must use the Editor do build your pack files. You can apply special effects in the Editor and store the modify graphic. Imports a lot of formats. Exports BMP to use with Darkbasic. The graphics area packed in JPEG format. There's no limit to images stored, neither the size and screen depth.

Commands: Retrieve Graphic. No special effects on-the-fly in this release, but it's already built in Editor.

Download it here. File size is 1152 Kb - Freeware

Software in development:


dbLauncher - This name will change, because JP Lacombe has an app with this name -> Powerful Launcher/Controller for your dbApps. More news soon. Download demo.

Download here a very simple demo of a dbLauncher project. Show the shaped form, dbApp controller, mini-slideshow and mod player. Unzip to a folder and run cydonia.exe. 2.1 Mb



dbNetTools - Multiplayer capabilities for DarkBasic

Server application - first release: soon

Client application - first release: Download it here - 260 Kb - AVAILABLE ONLY FOR BETA TESTERS

dbUniverse - 3D Chat room in DarkBasic and dbNetTools

Darkbasic examples with dbNetTools


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